CNA Security Consulting
and Investigations

Answers for decision makers

Our mission is to understand our client’s needs, how their business operates and what concerns they have, in order to provide them with real, actionable solutions.





As a trusted advisor to your organization, we can be relied on to provide solid advice on matters that keep you up at night. Business Continuity, theft, workplace violence and sabotage are but a few concerns that we can help navigate you through troubled waters.



Timely alerts to incidents, conditions and plans discovered that undermine operations, can be structured and delivered to you on a regular basis, monthly, weekly or daily. Our team monitors Operation Centric events, Social Media and Deep Web Activity, to provide you with actionable intelligence. This information offers you the ability to prepare and act against activities detrimental to your staff, clients and business partners in the community.


Providing clients with a sense of Well Being and Security is our goal. Making sure that you have the right information, at the right time, when you want it, is critical for your success and ours.