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When a loss of assets occurs, we can conduct investigations involving theft (internal and external) fraud schemes and embezzlements. Understanding how the loss happened and why it happened, may lead to insights in how to prevent the same or a similar loss from happening in the future. Every effort to recover the lost assets, whether they be cash, inventory, equipment or trade secrets, could be part of the investigation, helping the client to continue operations. 

Businesses and organizations have a right to know who they are dealing with as well as a responsibility to their partners, employees and creditors. Due diligence of vendors and potential partners; background investigations of new and current employees; investigations of plaintiffs and defendants in legal actions; workplace accidents; harassment and bullying and complaints from customers, are a few of the matters we can manage. 

Collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and persons of interest, conducting surveillance and compiling an unbiased report for the client, are activities of CNA Security Consulting, so that the client may make a better informed decision.

Integrity and Penetration Testing


Businesses many times are not aware of a potential problem until they have heard from a customer or an anonymous source, that an employee may be causing losses from theft of cash, merchandise or other operating assets. Integrity Testing could be conducted to determine if the employee behavior is in fact a risk or requires re-training.

While most businesses may never suffer a physical security breach of an office building, manufacturing facility, distribution warehouse or retail storefront, it is important to know that your team is acting accordingly and that your locations are set up to deter intrusion by thieves, disgruntled ex-employees, vendors and customers. We can conduct Penetration Testing designed to review existing Security measures could be executed to determine their effectiveness. Whether those measures are to keep others safe or to resist efforts to gain confidence and knowledge of secrets through Social Engineering or Elicitation.


  • Facility Security procedures

  • What to do and how to react to unknown persons in your building

  • Emergency situations including natural disasters

  • Surviving an Active Shooter event

  • Traveling domestically or Internationally

  • Theft and Fraud prevention

We can review existing employee training guidelines for these topics and others. If the client desires, we can develop training plans geared specifically for the client environment and deliver the content to the target audience.

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